Sammi Cheng and Chin Ka Lok attended a charity activity in Hong Kong on September 9. Sammi admitted that she has suffered from emotional disorders before, so she understands the pain. "It's a difficult process and to a patient, it feels like they are fighting a hard battle both mentally and physically."

Sammi tried double dutch rope jumping at the event, but did badly. She joked, "I run 8 kilometres a day and do weightlifting daily, but it seems they were no help! I will make [my husband] Andy [Hui] try it."

Her new film Women on the Verge was nominated for an award at the Busan International Film Festival, and she will visit Korea in October to promote it. "I'm so glad my film was nominated. I haven't promoted for a film for a long time," she said. "I have already booked a good restaurant and plan to have fun in Seoul for a while during my stay there."

Praising Ka Lok, Sammi said, "He is a good actor, and I want to work with him if I ever get the chance. Maybe I could even learn kungfu from him!"

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