Sammi Cheng breaks down during concert

The singer-actress was performing a song that was a great source of strength during the lowest point in her life


On July 12, Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng kicked off her Follow Mi world tour with a bang, the first of 13 concerts that she is slated to perform in Hong Kong. On July 18, which was her sixth show, Sammi invited Hong Kong singer Stephanie Cheng onstage as her special guest for the night.

The two singers then performed Stephanie’s song, 'Traffic Light’. Before the performance started, Sammi revealed that the song was a great source of strength for her through her lowest point in life. At the time, she had felt as if she was standing at a traffic junction, unable to cross over to the other side. 

When the opening notes of the song started playing, Sammi choked up with emotion, and started crying after the first verse. Even though she fought to regain her composure and continue singing, her tears continued falling as she sang the rest of the song.

The next afternoon, Sammi uploaded a post on her Instagram, explaining the reasons for her tears last night.


“Looking back at the days when I was ill, I often hid in my bedroom alone, listing to Stephanie Cheng’s ‘Traffic Light’. As I smoked cigarettes one after the other, I felt as if the traffic light across the road was continuously changing. Every time the green light lit up, I really wanted to cross over to the other side, but I was paralysed by an indescribable fear that shook me to my core.  I was unable to move, and I couldn't even take a single step,” she wrote.

A few years ago, Sammi performed the same song at her concert alone after emerging from her battle with depression. This was why performing this song during her concert with the original singer was a particularly significant moment for the diva.

She then ended her post on a positive note, writing, “Looking back at everything that I’ve experienced, it seemed like everything happened so that I can help more people in future. I'm able to better understand their frustrations and helplessness because I've gone through it too. Being able to understand the pain that other people go through is a form of empathy that we definitely need.”

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