Samantha Ko, Roxanne Tong, Kirby Lam, Jerry Ku, and more attended a promotional event for their new TV series My Commissioned Lover in Hong Kong on June 1.

Roxanne explained that she could not join her co-stars for the show’s wrap party as she was busy filming her other drama, Forensic Heroes IV. According to the actress, one of her most memorable moments while filming was when she accidentally sprained her ankle during a scene with Kenny Wong in the water. Then, not long after that, she sprained her ankle again while running, resulting in a torn ligament.

“I am such a careless person!” she laughed. “Doctors told me that if I injure myself again, I might not be able to continue doing sports.”

When asked if she wishes to quickly find a boyfriend who can take care of her, she replied with a laugh, “I would love that, but I’m afraid I will cause him to get hurt too!”

In other news, it was recently reported that Samantha and her music director beau, Tang Chi Wai, are planning a secret wedding in Europe next year. However, the actress shot down the rumours, saying, “Those are completely fabricated stories, there are no such plans in the works. I wish to fully concentrate on my career first.”

Photos: TPG

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