S.H.E unlikely to reunite for 18th anniversary

The pop trio reportedly needs the approval of their previous agency in order to perform as S.H.E


With pop trio S.H.E’s 18th anniversary fast approaching, fans of the trio are hoping for a reunion to commemorate the special occasion.

However, it seems that a reunion this year is highly unlikely for the girls, as Taiwanese media report that they have yet to resolve the copyright issues with their previous management agency, HIM Music International.

On August 3, Ella Chen made an appearance at a joint concert, where she was asked if S.H.E had any plans to reunite on their anniversary next month. 

“You can’t just ask me, you’d have to ask my old boss as well,” she replied, hinting that the matter was out of her hands. Selina had also mirrored Ella’s words when asked about the reunion at a separate event. 


When reached for a comment, HIM replied, “HIM Music International has not received any request or personal application regarding arrangements for a reunion.”

The agency also pointed out that for S.H.E’s joint performance at the Golden Melody Awards in June, the organisers had approached HIM to get authorisation for the trio to sing S.H.E’s songs and use S.H.E’s trademark.

“If the artiste organises an event without using the trademark or performing any songs, then it has no relation with HIM,” the agency continued.

According to an insider, if S.H.E wishes to reunite, they need prior approval, as HIM currently owns the trademark and copyrights to S.H.E as a group and their entire discography. As their performance at the Golden Melody Awards was unpaid, it was simpler to organise. Additionally, it will be hard to co-ordinate with the individual agencies of the three S.H.E members to settle on a date for their reunion.

Photos: PBE Media

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