S.H.E’s Selina Jen and ex-husband still on good terms after divorce

Lawyer Richard Chang is working with the trio to help them get the rights to the S.H.E name


Following the conclusion of their individual contracts with HIM International Music, the three members of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E left the company, and will be striking out on their own under their own respective companies. Although the girls have confirmed multiple times that they will still be continuing as a group, the rights to the S.H.E name, as well as all the songs released under the S.H.E name, still belong to HIM International Music.

In a previous interview, member Ella Chen revealed that the trio is currently enlisting the help of Selina’s ex-husband, lawyer Richard Chang, to help mediate their discussions with the company for these rights.

Yesterday (Jan 9), Selina Jen’s younger sister, Lorene Ren, held a press conference for her new album, where she shared that Selina and Richard are her role models. “I was there when they (Selina and Richard) were talking (about work); they are friends with each other,” she shared.

Adding that as they were very close in the past, it’s not hard for them to remain friends even after divorcing. She also revealed that Selina is still attending vocal lessons for her voice, after losing her voice before S.H.E’s anniversary concert last year. “She’s attending vocal lessons; it’s true that her condition is a little different,” Kirsten revealed.

Selina and Richard went their separate ways in 2016, five years after tying the knot in 2011.

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