S.H.E members’ respective company names revealed

The trio’s contracts with HIM International Music expired on October 1

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Following confirmation from HIM International Music that S.H.E members Selina Jen, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen’s respective contracts with them have expired as of yesterday, more news with regards to the trio’s futures have been slowly trickling in.

Previously, Ella confirmed that her husband, Alvin Lai, has set up a company named Jinhua Entertainment which will be managing all her activities. This led to speculation that Selina and Hebe would also join her, something that Ella remarked would be up to them to decide.

However, new reports have emerged stating that both Selina and Hebe will be setting up their respective labels to manage themselves, with both singers being represented by their respective parents.

Selina, who will be managed by her father, will be under a label named Ren Zhen Mei Hao, while Hebe, who will be managed by her mother, will be under a label named Le Lai Le Hao. Hebe’s company has reportedly been registered since September 11, and has a capital of NT$3 million (S$134,600), while Selina’s was established on September 20.

Fans are still waiting eagerly for more updates on how the three labels will be working with HIM in the future, as previous reports have stated that group activities might have to be done in co-operation with their former label. This is due to HIM reportedly having S.H.E’s group name under a trademark.

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