S.H.E member Selina Jen reveals she is getting a divorce

"Richard (Ah Zhong) and I have decided to get a divorce," she wrote on Facebook

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Photo: Selina Jen/Facebook

S.H.E member Selina Jen wrote a lengthy post on Facebook on Friday night (March 4), announcing her split from her lawyer husband Richard Chang. 

It takes "hard work" and effort from both parties to make a marriage work, said the 34-year-old in her post. "The both of us did not do enough [for our marriage]."

Selina shared that she "did not play the role of a dutiful wife" and continued to focus on her career even after marriage. "My marriage was neglected" as a result of it, she added.

The Taiwanese singer-host explained that she underwent major changes before and after marriage and her life no longer revolves around love. "The love between me and Richard started to fade," she said.

Selina added that both she and Richard have known each other for 9 years and see each other as family and friends.

"We know that this is a necessary decision," she wrote, expressing thanks to her ex-husband for his support during her toughest times in life.

Selina suffered third-degree burns on over 54 percent of her body while filming in China in 2010 and Richard accompanied her throughout her recovery journey as a burn patient.

The couple got married in 2011 and while Selina was still recovering from her burn injuries. Three years ago, the S.H.E singer expressed her hopes to hold another wedding ceremony in 2021 - during what would be her 10th wedding anniversary with Richard.

Last year in March Richard was rumoured to be in an extra-marital affair after he was spotted hanging out with a young woman late at night.

Selina Jen and Richard Chang prove they are still a loving couple

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