S.H.E member Ella Chen’s husband causing trouble for her career

Alvin Lai, who is currently managing Ella’s career, has been said to been trying to flaunt his wealth instead of abiding by showbiz practices

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All three S.H.E members’ contracts with their longtime label, HIM International Music, expired in October. Following which, the trio have since left the company and have set up individual agencies to manage their respective careers.

Ella Chen’s husband, Alvin Lai, was the first to confirm that he would be managing his wife’s career and that he set up a label, Jinhua Entertainment, in order to do so. 

However, it seems that Alvin is causing more trouble than good for Ella’s career, as industry insiders have claimed that he is throwing his weight around without respecting and abiding by showbiz practices.

For one, a production team was speaking to him about a potential movie role, but his response was to retort, “My wife is Ella. You should bring the script to me first, and we’ll be the ones to decide if we want to participate in this.”

In addition, the production team for upcoming show Da San Yuan shared that the van that was originally assigned to Ella for shutting to and fro from work was used by Alvin for his personal time. They claimed that he directed the driver to chauffeur him to his massage session and a haircut, causing Ella to be unable to use the car when necessary.

When they asked for Ella to sing the soundtrack, Alvin was also adamant that “HIM not have the licensing rights”, causing much trouble for the team.

Another source claimed that when S.H.E was filming the music video for their song, ‘Seventeen’, Alvin also caused trouble by propping his leg on a box of recording equipment. The staff tried to tell him to refrain from doing so as the equipment was fragile, but was met with a, “What are you afraid of, I’m rich,” from the businessman.

Insiders have claimed that due to Alvin’s unreasonable behaviour, Ella’s manager and assistant have since resigned despite the singer’s best efforts to persuade them otherwise. Staff members close to the couple have shared that Alvin is known to not have manners and is painfully unaware of showbiz rules.

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