S.H.E celebrates their 16th anniversary

The trio had a live broadcast with their fans on the special day


Yesterday marked the 16th year since Taiwanese girl group S.H.E made their debut. The members, comprising of Selena Jen, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen, had consecutive events for the past seven days as part of the celebration. The most recent one happened yesterday, where the trio did a live broadcast on Facebook announcing that they were giving an engraved cassette to their fans as a token of appreciation.

S.H.E released their debut album, “Girl's Dorm” 16 years ago on Sep 11. Last year, to celebrate their 15th anniversary, they had an elaborate celebration where they rode in on a sports car for their fan meeting.  However, they opted for a more intimate and quieter celebration this year where they released seven videos over seven days, specially for their fans at exactly 9.11pm.

The first six were teaser videos, while the last was a live stream of their anniversary celebrations. Ella expressed that “one should live a fulfilling life on Earth” while Hebe was moved to tears by the support received throughout the years and said that “she was not good at handling at emotions.”

The trio also sang their classic hit song “Genesis”, which left Ella and Selina in tears. After that, they requested the fans to sing “Happy Birthday” along with them while cutting their cake and ended off the night with the live version of another oldie, “Wife”.

“Thank you for constantly being with us these past 16 years and also for always showering us with love”, said Selina.

To show their gratitude to fans, they released a gift set as part of their 16th anniversary present. The gift contained 13 cassettes consisting of songs dating back to their debut, together with a cassette player. The pre-order is set to open tomorrow.

The other six short videos released by them also contained different content leading up to the big day, with the first clip telling fans to have a stable internet connection on the day of their celebration. The second coincided with the start of the Hungry Ghost Festival so they had someone dress up as a ghost, while the third was a math equation which added up to 16 and was later revealed that the numbers in the equation were the dates of their respective birthdays. The fourth featured an animated clam “saying hi” followed by a candle blowing out. The sixth one ended off with a sock puppet counting down to the 11th.

S.H.E had previously mentioned that they had plans to stay together as a group for a long time.

Photos: PBE Media

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