In the lead-up to pop trio S.H.E’s 18th debut anniversary on September 11, netizens wondered if  they would be able to hold their annual concert.

Chances were slim as they are still in the midst of discussions with their previous management agency, HIM Music International, to obtain the legal rights to the group's name, as well as their discography.

Further reports revealed that due to scheduling conflicts, it is unlikely that the trio will be able to meet up privately for a celebration as well.

Despite the setbacks, the members made sure to take to their personal social media accounts to mark their 18th debut anniversary, where they also reminisced about their early days.

Ella posted photos taken just after they debuted, writing, “Happy 18th birthday to S.H.E. Recently, there have been so many fans creating their own hilarious highlight medleys, as well as multiple congratulatory videos. We’ve received your blessings. Thank you for wishing us a happy birthday and we're looking forward to the day when the flowers will bloom once again.”

She also poked fun at their fresh-faced looks back when they had first debuted, calling it “an age when we were full of collagen”, as well as “the days when we needed zero editing (on our faces)”.

Selina also made a post on her personal Instagram account, writing, “On September 11, 2001, a huge event happened: the 911 terror attacks. On the same day, something huge happened in my world as well: the birth of S.H.E. 18 years have passed, I went to the 911 Memorial Museum today. The weather was very good, the gentle sunshine warmed our faces and everyone listened to the quiet trickle of the water (at the museum). Love and strength will conquer all fears. (Wishing for) world peace! Happy birthday S.H.E, I love you all”.

On Facebook, Hebe wrote, “Let us embrace even though we're separated! Happy 18th birthday S.H.E!”

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Photos: PBE Media

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