S.H.E assures fans that they will not disband

Fans were thrown into a state of panic when rumours that Ella is leaving their record company emerged

she disbanding ella chen

Fans of S.H.E were thrown into a state of panic and confusion yesterday when reports of the trio disbanding emerged. Industry insiders claimed that Ella Chen has no intention of extending her contract with their current company, HIM International Music, whom they have been with since their debut 17 years ago. S.H.E’s current contract expires in October.

Ella’s husband, Alvin Lai, confirmed to the media that Ella will be managed by him after her contract with HIM ends. Jinhua Entertainment, which will be set up by Alvin, has an initial investment of NT$3 million (S$134,000) and will be in charge of all of Ella’s activities.

However, Alvin also assured the media that S.H.E will still continue as a trio, declaring that “the three of them are inseparable”.

In a statement by HIM, they confirmed that S.H.E and the company have been together for so long that they are family, and will always put the singers’ future as their priority. They continued that a large-scale 17th anniversary bash has been planned for September 11, asking fans to anticipate more updates to come.

While none of the members have yet to make a statement since the news broke, industry insiders shared that their good relationship is no secret, and that they believe that the sisterly bond between them will be maintained for many years to come.

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