Shooting for upcoming TVB period drama The Great Soy Factory took place in Hong Kong on May 15 with stars Matthew Ho, Rebecca Zhu, Katy Kung, James Ng, and more on set.

Matthew shared that he and Rebecca (whom he has been rumoured to be dating) will have a nude scene in the show - although it’s not like what people might think. “One of us will be bathing in the river while the other is swimming,” the actor explained. “I’m still not sure if I need to strip completely, in which case I will need to work out to build more muscle.”

Katy also opened up about her own set of challenges during filming. “There was a scene where I had to lie down while pretending to be dead on the wet ground, with sweet fake blood all around my head,” she recalled. “I was so afraid that the ants would crawl into my ear!”

What’s more, the actress suffers from an inner ear disorder that leaves her feeling dizzy, nauseous, and easily exhausted at times. This has caused cheeky James to tease her by jokingly suspecting her of being pregnant. However, Katy clarified that she considers herself a very traditional person who would only have children after marriage.

Photos: TPG

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