Rui En responds with official statement regarding her accident

The actress apologises and truly regrets the “judgmental error” on her part

Photo: The Celebrity Agency

Photo: The Celebrity Agency

At 4.36pm today (April 14), a day after news of Rui En’s vehicle accident in a Clementi car park made waves all over the internet, the actress has issued an official statement through her manager from Hype Records clarifying the controversial situation.

According to earlier reports, a black BMW was seen crashing into a yellow motorcycle at about 4.10pm on April 12 at Block 332, Clementi Ave 2. The owner of the car was revealed to be Rui En, who then tried to offer $2,000 as compensation to the owner of the motorcycle, a 52-year-old Malay man, but was rejected. The owner of the motorcycle also claims that when confronted, Rui En said to him, “Do you know who I am?”

Below is a screenshot of Rui En’s statement, as shared by her manager:

Peh Xin Yi, the president of Rui En's official fan club RBKD, also released a statement to the media on April 14 "genuinely pleading" the public to "exercise prudence and empathy" and to "be fair to both Mr Bahrom (the motorcycle owner) and Rui En, let the police do their unbiased investigation". It also emphasised that the actress "doesn't shirk responsibilities. That's Rui En for you".

Chong Liung Man, the producer of C.L.I.F. 4, which Rui En is currently filming, has said that they have no intention of replacing her or her character in the drama. He also revealed that after the incident took place, Rui En showed up for work as usual, but he gave her a day off as he was worried that she might not be in the most ideal state for shooting.

Despite the uproar, Rui En’s manager has said that the new All-Time Favourite Artiste will “most probably” be attending both Star Awards shows on April 17 and 24.

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