Carina Lau, Rosamund Kwan, Kenny Bee, Eric Tsang, Joey Yung, Ruco Chan, Phoebe Sin and more stars attended a magazine's 15th anniversary celebrations in Hong Kong on September 19.

This was the first time Ruco and Phoebe made a public appearance together since announcing their engagement, and they revealed that they are in the midst of preparing for the big day in October.

Their sudden wedding announcement had caused many people to wonder if Phoebe was pregnant, but she denied this and joked, "So many people have asked me if I'm pregnant - perhaps I need to lose some weight!"

Gillian Chung also clarified a recent misunderstanding that she was pregnant (caused by a photo she posted with her husband captioned "Parenting Preschool" [rough translation]), explaining that it is the name of a TV show they recorded. Joey remarked, "I do wish that Gillian will have a baby soon!"

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