Hong Kong actor Ruco Chan tied the knot with his girlfriend of two years, Hong Kong actress Phoebe Sin on Saturday (October 13).

Phoebe shared earlier in an interview that she wanted to spare her husband from the usual games and forfeits of a typical gatecrash ceremony, to which Ruco vowed to repay her love in twofold.

Dressed in traditional Chinese attire, the happy couple made their appearance from the hotel where their evening banquet will be held with wide grins on their faces, hand-in-hand. They then headed off to a dock, where Phoebe, as well as their guests boarded a yacht.

When it was time for the ceremony to begin, Ruco made his grand appearance on a speedboat, flanked by his groomsmen. After exchanging their vows, the wedding party headed back to shore, to prepare for their evening banquet.

In an interview with the media, Ruco vowed to “give my all” to Phoebe.

He also shed more light on the couple’s decision to exchange their vows onboard a yacht, saying, “In the two years that we dated, we’ve always liked spending time in quiet places. We’ve thought of holding a destination wedding before, but, after thinking it through, we wanted our wedding to be more unique.”

He also shared that the couple will be leaving things up to nature when it comes to starting a family.

Click on for more pictures of their vow exchange ceremony, as well as their Chinese-styled photoshoot!

Photos: PBE Media

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