Over the past few months, it feels as if we’ve had one 100th day celebrity baby celebration every month. From celebrity couple Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan’s Rafael’s elephant-themed celebration in May, to Hong Kong actress Eliza Sam’s tropical party just last week

This month, celebrity couple Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin held a 100th day party for their baby daughter, Quinta, on Tuesday (July 2).

From the pictures uploaded by Ruco after the party, fans were able to catch their first glimpse of baby Quinta’s face. The baby girl, who had a pale pink headband on her head, appeared to be snoozing in most of the pictures.

“Thank you for everyone’s well wishes,” Ruco wrote in his caption, adding that his wish is for Quinta to grow up healthily.

Ruco and Phoebe tied the knot last October, and welcomed their firstborn in April this year.

Click on for more pictures from the party!

Photos: PBE Media

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