Ruby Lin whips up Chinese New Year feast

The mother-of-one cooked up a ten-course meal


Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin stepped into the kitchen to show off her culinary skills on Chinese New Year eve, whipping up a ten-course meal for her family.

The actress, who used to only be able to cook instant noodles, had spent the last two years learning how to cook after tying the knot with Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo and giving birth to their first child, a daughter nicknamed ‘Little Dolphin'. Since then, the actress has added a plethora of dishes to her repertoire, from nourishing soups to dishes that could rival those found in restaurants.

On Monday (February 4), the 43-year-old took over the kitchen to cook up a delicious meal for her family of three, from stewed cabbage, to a sausage platter, as well as pan-fried fish, braised meats and more.


“This year, our family gathered round the stove at home (for a meal). This is also the first time I had to prepare a New Year’s Eve dinner, despite my age. The ingredients were prepared two to three days in advance in preparation for the big battle (tonight),” Ruby shared in her caption.

The actress also revealed that her daughter has learnt how to say “May you have prosperous New Year,” last year, and that Little Dolphin has inherited the "best traits" from her parents while growing into a tall and talkative little girl.

Ruby tied the knot with Wallace in 2016 , and welcomed Little Dolphin in 2017.

Photos: PBE Media

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