Four months ago, Vivian Hsu flew to Singapore with her son, Dalton to visit her husband Sean Lee, who’s based here. Mother and son endured a whole month’s worth of quarantine (two weeks in Singapore and Taipei respectively), just to spend 14 days together as a family.

And now, it looks like it’s Sean’s turn to return the favour.

On December 17, Vivian updated her Instagram to post a number of selfies taken with her two stepdaughters from Sean’s first marriage.  A day later, she followed up with a full family photo taken in front of Taipei’s iconic Taipei 101 tower, confirming that Sean and his daughters had flown over to Taiwan.

“Daddy's finally out of quarantine! We’re reunited as a family! Our luck’s pretty good, it didn’t rain even though it was a cloudy day, [we spent] a blissful day walking around the village,” read Vivian’s caption. 

And it appears that the second thing on the couple’s lists of things to do once reunited was to meet up with their celeb pals.

On December 20, Vivian amped up the star factor with dinner at a Japanese restaurant owned by Jam Hsiao. Joining her for the meal were celeb couples Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo, as well as our own Yvonne Lim and her hubby, former B.A.D member Alex Tien. And judging from Vivian's caption, it seems like Yvonne and Alex had paid for dinner.