Ruby Lin still working hard on her diet

The actress previously shared that she is two kilogrammes away from her ideal weight

ruby lin weight loss

Last month, Ruby Lin attended her drama’s press conference, where she shared that she is working hard to lose the final two kilogrammes to attain her ideal weight. The mother-of-one has always maintained a slim figure, and at the time, netizens wondered what weight she has to lose.

It turns out that the 42-year-old is still maintaining her strict diet as she uploaded a snap of what a typical meal is like for her. Her plate only had broccoli and some grilled fish, and she captioned the photo with, “With a portion this big, I’m embarrassed to admit that this is what I eat when I’m on diet.”

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Her fans were stupefied by her comment, with some copying her style of writing and commenting, “I’m embarrassed to admit that I eat much more than you”, “This isn’t even enough for me to stuff between my teeth” and “Now I know why I’m my size”. They complimented her on her determination to lose weight, although many also asked her to look after her health as well.

At a different event for the unveiling of his wax figurine, Ruby’s husband Wallace Huo fielded questions about his daughter and second wedding anniversary celebrations.

Earlier reports saw Ruby expose him as being wrapped around their daughter’s little finger, but when he was asked about the little girl’s stubborn personality, he would only say, “Does she [have a stubborn personality]?” and refrained from elaborating.

As for how he will be celebrating his wedding anniversary, he teased the media by asking them to guess what he has in store. Reports stated that his expression looked like he has prepared something special, but didn’t mention what it was in order to not spoil the surprise for his wife.

Ruby and Wallace tied the knot in a destination wedding in July 2016, and welcomed their first child, a girl nicknamed ‘Little Angel’ in January 2017.

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