Ruby Lin attended a promotional event for a brand of air conditioners in Taipei on January 17, looking very smart in a sleek white pantsuit.

The Taiwanese actress remains a popular choice for brand endorsements thanks to her wholesome and healthy image, but there is still one item that she wishes to endorse: cars. "I'm now known as 'Driver Lin' because I have to drive my daughter to and from her classes every day," she quipped.

Ruby then revealed more details about her 2-year-old daughter, saying that she now weights about 13 kilograms and is around 90 centimetres tall, which is taller than most other children her age. "Whenever I bring her out, people usually think she is about 3 years old," she shared.

The actress also reported that her daughter is very talkative and likes to act cute to try and get her way. "Sometimes I give in to her and sometimes I don't, but my husband (Wallace Huo) can never say no to her," she said.

When asked about her upcoming Lunar New Year plans, Ruby said she will be celebrating it with her family in Taiwan, but they do not want to go out to crowded places. "We'll probably just stay at home and enjoy a meal together," said Ruby, adding that she may prepare one or two dishes herself.

Naturally, this led to the question of whether Ruby's daughter enjoys her cooking, to which Ruby shamefully replied, "She once ate a cake that I baked and spat it out after one bite! It was probably too hard for her to chew."

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