Ruby Lin and Blackie Chen were among the guests at the Art Basel Hong Kong 2019 party on March 27.

When asked if his sons possess any artistic talent, Blackie revealed that they have been attending art classes. "I myself used to really enjoy drawing," he said. "I hardly paid attention in school and turned my textbooks into comic books!"

Blackie's wife Christine Fan had just celebrated her birthday the previous week. "My gift to her was a holiday in Tokyo," he shared. "She could relax, shop, and eat there, while I happily took care of our sons at home."

Ruby shared that her daughter, nicknamed "Little Dolphin", has also been taking painting classes, but it's still too early to see how much artistic talent she has yet.

She then said that she is in the midst of losing weight for a new role, as it requires her to have an "unhealthy" look. "I've been enjoying myself too much lately, and now suddenly I have to start losing weight!" she laughed.

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