Ruby Lin makes a rare confession of love to hubby Wallace Huo on TV

Looks like the couple are still in their honeymoon period


From friends to lovers, and now, parents. Celebrity couple Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo’s picture-perfect love story has charmed many.

While the couple, who welcomed their daughter nicknamed ‘Little Dolphin’ in 2017, were initially reluctant to answer questions about each other, much less reveal more details about their relationship, both Ruby and Wallace have since become much more open about sharing snippets of their personal life with the public.

Recently, a trailer for an upcoming episode of the reality show Happiness Trio 2 aired, featuring actress Ivy Chen and her director husband, Hsu Fu Hsiang, who were announced to be fixed cast members on the show earlier. 

In the trailer, Ruby can be seen visiting Ivy and Fu Hsiang’s house and the trio chatting about love, marriage and everything under the sun. 

During their chat, Ruby remarked, “For Fu Hsiang to woo Ivy and win her heart, I think that’s a pretty admirable feat.”

Upon hearing Ruby’s words, Ivy smiled, before praising her husband, and replying that she's the lucky one to be able to marry Fu Hsiang.

She continued: “Every time I wake up in the middle of the night, I can’t help but to think to myself, ‘being able to marry Fu Hsiang is the most blissful thing that has happened to me in this lifetime’.


Ruby then joked that Ivy “really has a way with words”, before taking a leaf out of Ivy’s book.

Turning to face the camera, Ruby confessed, “Being able to marry Wallace is the most blissful thing that has happened to me in this lifetime,” adding, “To be able to marry such a handsome and wonderful man, who understands and accepts me (is truly blissful)."

To lighten up the mood, she kept turning around after finishing her sentence, asking, “Which camera should I face?”

Upon the release of the trailer, fans could not help but to praise Ruby for her comedic sense, commenting their wish for the actress to appear on more variety shows in the future.

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