Taiwanese actresses Ruby Lin and Kelly Lin, as well as Delia Tseng, wife of Taiwanese tycoon Terry Gou, met for a girls' night out recently, tucking into a sumptuous meal at a restaurant.

Kelly was the first to upload pictures from their gathering, sharing a picture of her with Ruby on her Facebook, with wide smiles on their faces, as well as a number of group shots with Delia. However, what caught the attention of netizens were not the actresses themselves, but the designer handbags that they were carrying. The appearance of the luxury handbags incited much discussion, with netizens speculating about the brands and prices of the bags.

Later, Kelly uploaded a video from the same gathering, sharing that the trio’s husbands were present as well, with Kelly’s Chinese-American businessman husband, Chris Young, appearing first. With a smile on his face, Chris then gestured towards Wallace, who was sitting in a corner. Wallace then turned to the camera and posed for it, looking relaxed. 

Netizens then pointed out that both Wallace and Ruby had opted for similar ‘peace signs’ in the video, laughing that the couple is “truly a match made in heaven”.

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Photos: PBE Media

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