Ruby Lin jokes that hubby Wallace Huo no longer pays attention to her

The actor only has eyes for their 2-year-old daughter, ‘Little Dolphin’

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Taiwanese actors Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo are often referred to as the model couple by netizens, as the pair has remained largely scandal-free during their courtship and marriage. They have a daughter, nicknamed ‘Little Dolphin’, who they welcomed to the family in 2017.

Ruby, who attended a press conference to promote a stroller brand on August 31, let on that while everything is going swimmingly for their family of three, she feels envious of her daughter from time to time.

“’Little Dolphin’ likes to talk and acts coquettish a lot of the time, and often asks Wallace to bring her out to play. Even when she’s outside, she always wants to be carried by him,” Ruby shared. “To abide by her requests, he’s been working on his arm strength.”

As a result, he’s also been paying less attention to Ruby, who joked that he only has eyes for their 2-year-old.

Little Dolphin also has a jealous streak, as Ruby let on that the little girl kept wanting to sit in the stroller after she watched a video of Ruby pushing a baby in the same stroller. She chuckled, “Thankfully, this stroller is easy to use, and is light enough for me to handle on my own!”

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