Ruby Lin celebrates Mother’s Day in advance

Her two-year-old sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her during the celebration


Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin welcomed her daughter, nicknamed “Little Dolphin” two years ago. Although this year will be her second Mother’s Day celebration, the busy bee will not be celebrating the special day with her family.

The 43-year-old, who will be flying to Malaysia to film for the upcoming movie, Miss Andy, was surprised with a cake during a dinner with her friends on May 3. 

“I didn’t expect that I’d receive a Mother’s Day cake too,” Ruby shared in her caption, uploading pictures of her dinner date with her friends, and wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day as well.

Three days later, Ruby posted a picture of another cake and some carnations, sharing that a brand that she endorses had sent a cake to her. Thanks to the surprise present, she was able to celebrate Mother’s Day at home with her daughter a day before she flies off for work.

Recounting Little Dolphin’s reaction once she laid eyes on the cake, Ruby laughed that the two-year-old immediately broke into song, and sang ‘Happy Birthday’.

“Our little girl insisted on treating Mother’s Day like a birthday, singing the birthday song, I don’t get it,” she laughed in her caption.

Ruby’s post attracted the attention of her fans, with many mothers sharing similar experiences in their comments.

“Once a child sees a cake, they’ll immediately sing the birthday song,” one wrote, with another mother adding that her kid “celebrates their birthday every day”.

Ruby tied the knot with Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo in 2016, and welcomed Little Dolphin in January 2017.

Photos: PBE Media

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