Roy Chiu still reflecting on cheating scandal

He was revealed to have two-timed Tia Lee back in 2013

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Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu’s love life has been dramatic, to say the least. He reportedly dated Chinese actress Tiffany Tang after working on three dramas together from 2010 to 2011, and dumped her citing the inability for them to maintain a long-distance relationship as the reason for the breakup.

Soon after, he was said to have started dating Taiwanese actress Tia Lee, but ended up becoming the subject of rumours of infidelity. After two successive scandals, he was dubbed as ‘trash’ by netizens for his inability to manage his love life properly.

During a recent interview, he was asked about his past relationship scandals, along with the ‘trash’ nickname, which some still use to refer to him. He said, “Sometimes, I’d try to think about whether there are some parts of my personality that others might not like.”

“However throughout this entire time… I think it’s considered reflecting on myself, whether there were parts that were true, or if I’m just unsuited to be in a relationship,” he continued, his eyes filling with tears.

After five years without any dating rumours, he was also asked about his current relationship status, to which Roy mused that he doesn’t need a “big kind of love”, but instead chooses to focus on the little things in life that add up. He used the example of cooking a bowl of noodles for his partner if they get hungry as one of these small actions, adding that he finds real life boring in comparison to reel-life. “To an actor, isn’t this considered an occupational hazard?” he concluded with a wry smile.

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