A third season of police drama Tiger Cubs was officially confirmed at a Shaw Brothers Pictures press conference in Hong Kong on March 20.

Michael Miu admitted that he never expected that there would be a new season of the series. "I felt like it was a pity when filming for Tiger Cubs II ended, so I'm very happy to hear that there will be a Tiger Cubs III," he said. "I hope that all the original cast members will be able to reunite again."

Ron Ng joked, "Whatever you say will come to pass. The next season can be called Tiger Cubs: Sam Gor [Ed's note: Sam Gor, which means Third Brother in Cantonese, is Michael's nickname]." Michael then quipped in response, "Then we might not need you anymore!"

Bosco Wong, who fractured his left foot a few months ago while filming web drama Flying Tiger II, assured everyone that his injury has healed well. "But I've gotten so used to walking with crutches that I'm afraid I'll feel weird without them!" he said.

With news of Raymond Lam's recent return to TVB, the actors were asked if they will ask him to join the cast of Tiger Cubs III, to which Ron and Bosco said that he will probably be too busy for that.

Ron then jokingly complained that he only found out about Raymond's return from the papers. "I guess we're not so close after all," he lamented, as Bosco added, "He keeps saying he will invite us out for a meal, but we still haven't heard from him!"

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