Actresses Grace Chan and Adrian Wong attended a fashion event in Hong Kong on May 29.

Grace revealed that her husband, actor Kevin Cheng, has certain preferences when it comes to her clothing styles and would sometimes even make suggestions about what she should wear. “But he doesn’t restrict me from wearing sexy outfits as long as they don’t go too far!” she said.

The celebrity couple recently held a 100th day celebration for their baby son Rafael, with many of their friends in attendance. Despite the crowded and lively atmosphere, Grace proudly reported that Rafael was well-behaved and never kicked up a fuss. “I think it’s because we often have visitors coming to our house, so he’s used to people and isn’t afraid of strangers,” she explained. “In fact, I’ve realised that he behaves himself better when we go out than at home!”

Adrian shared that she and her father, actor Felix Wong, filmed a variety show called Daughters’ Boyfriends in China two months ago. In the show, the fathers help to pick their daughter’s “boyfriends”, and the “couples” have to spend time with each other, away from the fathers. Adrian filmed with actor Oscar Chan for six days, which made her realise that he is a very good man who treats her with a lot of respect. “My dad likes him too, and my mum, who has met him, also thinks he’s great,” she gushed.

That said, Adrian quickly clarified that they have not started dating in real life. “After shooting ended, he had to fly off to somewhere else for work,” she said. “But we have kept in touch and are in the midst of getting to know each other better. My dad also thinks we should take things slowly.”

When asked if she is reluctant to get into a long-distance relationship, Adrian said that although they don’t get to see each other often, Oscar was thoughtful enough to travel back to Hong Kong to celebrate her birthday with her earlier this month, and even gave her a leather bag as a gift. She also said that if he has time, he might visit her and Felix over the Father’s Day weekend as well.

Photos: TPG