Roger Kwok says no to reality parenting programmes

The Hong Kong actor wants to keep his children out of the spotlight 


Hong Kong actor Roger Kwok joined Jin Gang and Xiaoyi, hosts of TVB food programme Neighbourhood Gourmet 3, for filming in Singapore earlier this week. During his three-day stay, the 50-year-old will visit local eateries that are lesser known by tourists, such as a seafood restaurant located in an HDB estate.

A frequent visitor to Singapore, Roger is no stranger to local delights such as Laksa, Bak Kut Teh and Nasi Lemak. In fact, the acclaimed thespian travelled here with his family, including his actress wife Cindy Au and their two children, during the recent Chinese New Year holiday.

His 7-year-old son Brad especially had a wonderful time at Universal Studios theme park. “I came here with him when he was three, but he was too small to play most of the rides then. This time around, he had a lot of fun!” Roger exclaimed.

Masks and caps couldn’t stop members of the public from recognising the actor. “If I need to look after my kids, then I will reject photo requests. But people [in Singapore] are very friendly, so we were not disturbed,” he added.

In recent years, reality parenting programmes (such as Dad! Where Are You Going) have commanded extraordinary attention from viewers across Asia. However, Roger is not about to jump on the bandwagon, even though he has received several invitations from Chinese TV stations.

“I’m more concerned about their (his kids) studies and the development of their mentality. I’m afraid their thinking and attitude would be affected once they enter the industry,” the actor explained. “When they grow older and have better analytical skills, I will tell them what showbiz is all about.”


Daddy’s tough love

At TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony last year, Roger was crowned “Best Actor” for his sublime performance in Black Heart, White Soul. In his acceptance speech, the actor shared that his white suit was printed with the design of a boy and a girl, which symbolises his family.

The doting dad also thanked his kids for changing his personality and teaching him important life lessons that has helped his showbiz career greatly.

To Roger, the biggest change after becoming a father is having people to share his happiness with. “In the past, I worked for myself. Whether I win or lose, I could only keep those emotions to myself. Now that I can share the joy with my family, I feel even happier. I gave treats for an entire month to celebrate!” he chuckled.

Despite his busy schedule, Roger tries his best to create a happy childhood for Brad and his younger daughter Blair, 3, by “growing up with them”.

As time passes, the Square Pegs star feels that he and his son are becoming more like brothers or best friends. There were even occasions when Roger purposely allowed Brad to be naughty so that he would be scolded by others and truly learn his lesson.

“No matter how many times I tell him not to do something, he would still do it. But he might remember it forever if someone else reprimands him,” Roger reiterated. “For example, I’d let him touch a kettle when he plays with it, so that he will remember the pain and not do it again in future.”  


Sweet nothings are Roger’s form of apology

In Roger’s opinion, there is no secret to his blissful marriage because he believes that tolerance is most crucial for any relationship. It also helps that both Cindy and himself share the same religion, Christianity.

When quarrels break out between the couple, they would choose to calm down and think things through on their own. However, Roger admitted that his temper can get a little uncontrollable at times and that his poor wife has to bear the brunt of it.

Not a man who expresses his affections openly, Roger’s apology comes in the form of sweet nothings. “This is how I make it up to her. I don’t say such words often, so when I do, my wife would know that I am sorry,” he let on.

Before filming for TVB drama The Last Imperial Physician commences in April, the actor is enjoying his break and taking time to prepare for the new project. It would be Roger’s first historical drama in two years and it would require him to shave his head for the role. “Well, I’m looking forward to buying more hats to wear during event appearances,” he chortled.

Catch Neighbourhood Gourmet 3 on E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) when it premieres in June!


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