Roger Kwok reveals the three tips he used to save his marriage

The actor admitted that he has previously thought of divorcing his wife, former actress Cindy Au.

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Hong Kong actor Roger Kwok and his wife, former actress Cindy Au, may seem like the poster couple of marital bliss: the pair tied the knot in 2006, welcomed their son, Brad, two years later, and daughter, Blair, in 2014.

Even though the celebrity couple remained largely scandal-free, Roger revealed that their marriage was not all rainbows and butterflies.

In an interview with the Hong Kong media late last month, the actor shared that he went through rough patches in his marriage, and one was even serious enough that he briefly considered divorce.

Among the hard times that he and Cindy, who bowed out of the limelight to spend more time on their family, went through was when she suffered two miscarriages before welcoming Blair. He shared that she became so worried that history would repeat itself that Roger had to always be at her side to reassure her.

In addition, Roger was diagnosed with depression in 2016, which was in part because of his hectic schedule which left him no time for himself. The couple grew apart and disagreed often over how they should bring up their children.

They argued so often that he thought of calling it quits, but found a way to save their marriage by using three tips, which he shared with the public.

“We made sure to spend time together at least once a week,” the 55-year-old said. He added that regardless of how busy they were, spending quality time together was important in rebuilding their relationship. They also strengthened their belief in religion, and collectively decided to relax their academic expectations of their children.

These three simple rules, he shared, worked wonders on their marriage and their relationship with each other, as well as with their children, improved tremendously.

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