How would you celebrate your birthday when, or should we say, if you turn 100? For retired local actor Bai Yan, who is officially a century old, it would be throwing a star-studded bash at Chinese restaurant Yummy Palace where more than a hundred guests, including celebs like Zoe Tay, Christopher Lee, Aileen Tan and Pan Lingling showed up to celebrate the well-loved veteran star.

Bai Yan's shindig may have been a private one  but we managed to snag a few pics from guest Chen Xiuhuan, who tells us that while the party was packed with well-wishers, it was also more of a cosy get together for artistes past and present to mingle with each other, indulge in food and, of course, take lots of selfies.

"Besides celebrating Uncle Bai Yan's 100th birthday, I also managed to catch up with a lot of old colleagues who I haven't seen in a long time!" Xiuhuan chirps.

Xiuhuan tells us that that despite various attempts over the years to meet up with the retired actor, she never got to do so until this party due to "conflicting schedules". "When I heard about this event, I immediately 'signed up' for it," she laughs. "There were too many people who wanted to be there, and they had to close registration!"

Even though the actress has never worked with Bai Yan before, she has nothing but praise for him. "His voice has always been very strong and powerful and it still is," she tells "He also talked a lot that day. [My impression of him] is that he's a very happy person who's full of positive energy.".