In real life, Korean actors Jang Dong-Gun and Hyun Bin are best buds. So it’s really difficult for them to play adversaries in the Korean period zombie blockbuster Rampant.

“It was so difficult to look at [Hyun Bin] with hatred in my eyes!” gushed Jang, 46, in Korean via an interpreter, at the press con held at The Fullerton Hotel on Tuesday (Oct 30).

Hyun Bin, 36, also had nice things to say about his co-star. “He is a great actor… and an inspiration to me.” Awww… 

Jang and Hyun Bin were in town alongside director Kim Sung-Hoon to promote the horror yarn set during the Joseon Dynasty. Jang plays a devious Minster of War plotting to overthrow the king with…zombies. Enter Hyun-Bin as the prodigal son who returns just in time to thwart the coup. 

“I wanted to create a uniquely Korean movie with a Western sensibility,” said director Kim, who was quick to point out that his two leading actors did most of their stunts. But Jang was glad he wasn’t playing Hyun Bin’s character. When asked if the actors would swap roles, Jang said he would do it only if he were Hyun-Bin’s age.   

After the press con, the trio attended a meet-and-greet at Suntec City Mall and the gala premiere at Resorts World Theatre. Singapore was the only stop in Rampant's international press tour. 

Rampant is out in cinemas Nov 1.

Photos: Clover Films/Golden Village 

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