A lensing ceremony was held to mark the start of re-shooting for Forensic Heroes IV in Hong Kong on May 27, following the replacement of disgraced actress Jacqueline Wong in the show.

Taking on her role instead will be Roxanne Tong, who attended the event with Raymond Wong, Shaun Tam, Alice Chan, and more. Raymond welcomed Roxanne to the cast, and thanked the company for giving them the chance to re-shoot the series as it would be a shame to cancel the entire thing just because of Jacqueline’s incident.

When asked about the rumours that he was so angry at his former co-star that he lashed out with an obscenity, Raymond clarified that this never happened. “I have not been in touch with her, but I am not angry at her,” he said. “I did not respond to the reports about her as I was on vacation with my family when I heard the news, and as an outsider, I have no right to comment on someone else’s private matters.”

As a self-professed fan of the Forensic Heroes franchise, Roxanne said she was very happy to be involved in the show, albeit also under a lot of pressure. “I’ve never had to go through such an intensive filming schedule before, but I will turn my stress into motivation and put in my best efforts,” she said.

Part of the preparations for her new role includes losing 10 pounds (about 4.5 kg), which she said she will achieve in a healthy manner through diet and exercise. Fortunately, her recent foot injury was not too serious, so she is thankful that it will not affect filming.

Photos: TPG