Raymond Lam held his Heart Attack concert at the Cotai Arena in Macau on May 11, which he kicked off with a performance of several fast-paced tracks.

“It’s been two years since I last performed on stage because I’ve been busy with other projects,” he shared. “I hope that today is just like a warm-up, and that next year, I will have much more music to present to you.”

During one spectacular segment of the showcase, the singer-actor was lifted into the air on a crane which enabled him to hover closely over the audience and shake their hands. However, a few fans got too excited and tried to grab him, prompting him to remind them not to pull him. Besides his “flying handshakes”, Raymond also took wefies with fans’ phones in the front row.

In a short video clip that was played during the show, Raymond’s boss Louis Koo revealed that the former had been working out so much for the concert that he had trouble lifting his own arms, and jokingly told fans to ask Raymond to take off his clothes, drawing laughter from the crowd.

Raymond admitted that he did indeed diet and exercise a lot in order to prepare for the concert, but it was challenging because he was filming Back to the Past at the same time. “I wasn’t eating much so I didn’t have a lot of energy during the shoot,” he shared.

When asked if his girlfriend, model Carina Zhang, had come to the concert, Raymond said that he would not comment on any personal matters. However, he did let on that he usually gets his mum a belated Mother’s Day gift because he’s always so busy. “She doesn’t mind,” he said. “She won’t even remember that it’s Mother’s Day if I don’t remind her about it.”

Photos: TPG