Hong Kong actors Grace Chan and Raymond Lam attended a horse racing event in Hong Kong on December 16. Once again, the high heels of pregnant Grace's shoes became a topic of interest, but she reassured everyone that she is fine, and that she only wears them for public events such as this.

Raymond said that many of his friends own horses and have been trying to get him to buy one as well. "The jockey club is a good place to make friends, but I don't know much about horse racing," he admitted.

When asked if Grace has already bought a Christmas present for her husband Kevin Cheng, she said that they've come to an agreement that there's no need to trouble each other to buy gifts. "I read in a news report that he isn't sure if I meant what I said, but I do mean it!" she laughed.

On the other hand, Raymond shared that he plans to spend time with his friends. "My family loves to play mahjong during any festive season, but I don't know how to play it at all, so I might celebrate Christmas with my friends if they don't have other plans," he said.

When asked if he has prepared any special gifts for his new girlfriend, model Carina Zhang, Raymond declined to answer any questions pertaining to his personal life.