Raymond Lam, Karena Ng’s relationship still going strong

The Hong Kong stars have been dating for almost 5 years


Karena Ng’s manager has recently stepped out and assured fans that the Hong Kong actress’ relationship with fellow actor, Raymond Lam was still stable, despite rumours claiming that the couple had broken up. She also added the actress no longer wished to talk about her relationship, and refuted claims that there was a third party involved.

The pair were first said to be facing troubles in their relationship after an inside source revealed that their respective busy schedules had led to less frequent meetups. As such, their feelings for one another faded over time, and Karena was even said to have asked for a break up.

The source further revealed that Raymond would occasionally neglect Karena, as he placed his work as the top priority.

In an attempt to save their relationship, the 38-year-old actor took time off work to go on a trip to Europe with his 24-year-old girlfriend, but their busy schedules soon resumed when they returned. Raymond then found it unfair that Karena did not make time for him, despite her having to spend more time at work back in China.

However, aside from the statement made by Karena’s manager, neither party has spoken out about the situation so far.

The couple have been dating for nearly five years, since 2013, and made headlines when they went public with their May-December relationship due to their 14-year age gap.

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