Raymond Lam has announced that he will bring his Heart Attack concert tour to Macau on May 11, before holding shows in three other cities in China the following month.

Besides having to prepare for the upcoming concerts, the Hong Kong singer-actor will also be busy shooting a film. "I've experienced filming and preparing for a concert at the same time before, and it can really make you go crazy!" he said, explaining that it can be easy to lose focus while filming if you have not had enough to eat. "I'm in the midst of searching for a gym near the film set as I'm hoping to return to my previous physical condition."

Now that Raymond is in the same management company as Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan, and Charmaine Sheh, he is hoping to get them to join him at the Macau concert as special guests. "I know it's quite difficult to get Louis to sing, but I will try my best!" he laughed. He then urged fans to be vigilant while purchasing tickets when they go on sale this week, and not to be fooled by scalpers.

When asked if his girlfriend, Chinese model Carina Zhang, will go to any of his concerts, all Raymond said was, "My family will definitely go and support me."

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