Rainie Yang wants to get married

She shared that she wants to be a “normal person” too

rainie yang li ronghao married

Celebrity couple Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao might not be rushing down the aisle anytime soon, but the Taiwanese singer recently admitted that she has had thoughts of getting married.

Clarifying that it is unlikely that it will “take place anytime soon”, Rainie went on to share that the couple have “never discussed the topic before, because both of us have our own goals that we have to achieve first”.

The 33-year-old also opened up about their relationship, revealing that they rarely get into arguments. “He replies me in a very humourous manner which I find very funny, so it’s impossible to continue the fight. I should say that he’s someone who’s not calculative and is a real man. Not the masochistic type, but the mature sort. In comparison, I feel that I’m the one who’s more stubborn,” she grinned.

Rainie also shared that she used to feel that holding hands with her boyfriend in public was a “crime” as she’s a celebrity, but let on that Ronghao changed her mindset. She mused, “He made me feel that I don’t need to be like that, and that I can put down the idol image that I’m used to.”

She also brought up the incident last year when Ronghao kissed her on stage, and explained, “It was a feeling that I had never experienced before. Since my debut 18 years ago, I never felt this way – I wanted to be a normal person; someone who didn’t need to hide. Afterwards, I shared this with my mother, and that it was the sort of feeling where I wanted to change everything about my life (to become a normal person).”

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