Rainie Yang, Li Ronghao have no plans to hold a wedding ceremony anytime soon

The singer-actress shed light on her long-distance relationship with her new husband.


It’s been almost a month since celebrity couple Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao registered their marriage in Hefei, China, but as Rainie shared in a recent interview, the newlyweds have barely gotten the chance to meet each other since then.

Rainie made an appearance at a public event on Tuesday (Oct 8), where she spoke to the media about the changes in her life since getting hitched.

The 35-year-old shared that there have not been much changes in her daily life, and that she is still getting used to people referring to Ronghao as “your husband”, or to being called “Mrs. Li”.

The singer-actress also shared that she’s not one to be too clingy in a relationship, so other than saying “good morning” and “good night”, the couple does not have the habit of calling or texting each other during the day.

When asked if the couple has plans to have a wedding ceremony anytime soon, Rainie replied that she’s currently busy with preparations for her concerts, and that she plans to release a new album in mid-November.

The busy bee is also filming for a new movie, making a wedding ceremony unlikely to happen in the near future. She then shared that Ronghao is supportive of her. Although he knows that she tends to skip meals whenever she’s busy with filming, he also understands that she dislikes nagging, which is why he refrains from doing so.

Rainie was also asked about Ronghao’s recent weight loss, after the singer-songwriter shared that he had lost 8 kg in a month. Laughing, she replied that Ronghao had felt like he should lose some weight.

“Before this, he had overindulged in food a bit and wasn’t sleeping well, so his metabolism was not at its best. He wasn’t feeling too good in general, so he decided to lose some weight. Now, I’ll make sure to tell him to eat [properly and] have good meals,” she shared.

Finally, Rainie made sure to promote Ronghao’s upcoming concert in Taipei, Taiwan, urging everyone to catch the concert if they can.

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