Rainie Yang kisses Michelle Chen during concert

The pair have been friends for over a decade


Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang kicked off her Youth Lies Within concert tour in Nanning last weekend. Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen appeared onstage as a special guest to cheer on.

The duo got to know each other after working on the drama, Why Why Love together in 2007. Since then, they have remained fast friends.

During the concert, Michelle and Rainie performed the ending song of the drama, ‘Breathless’, a nod to the project that kicked off their friendship. After their performance, Rainie shared, “My bestie, Michelle has now experienced two ‘first times’ with me. Her first time acting on television, and now, today (her first time singing onstage).”


Continuing, Rainie added, “Regardless of whether it’s the rehearsals or the actual performance, I really want to cry because I really love her too much!” Michelle and Rainie later exchanged three kisses onstage, showing off their good relationship.

After the concert, Rainie posted a screenshot of her text conversation with Michelle before after rehearsal.

In the text, she warned Michelle that she was really touched, and that she might cry onstage during their actual performance, although she would try her best to hold it in. After reading her messages, Michelle replied that she felt the same, and that she nearly cried watching Rainie onstage at a previous concert.


Photos: PBE Media

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