Rainie Yang: I will never get used to receiving internet hate

The singer-actress has battled hateful comments since making her debut at 16.


The internet has empowered many netizens to hide behind the anonymity of the online sphere to spread rumours and negativity, and Rainie Yang has had her fair share of hate slung her way.

At a recent press conference promoting the release of her latest album, the Taiwanese singer-actress spoke more on how she tries to minimise the damage from these nasty comments.

The 35-year-old made her showbiz debut at the age of 16, appearing on reality singing competitions as a wide-eyed teenager with a bright smile and a fresh set of braces. However, she was relentlessly attacked by netizens, who nicknamed her “metal mouth sister” and called her “ugly”.

When Rainie was 17, she starred in the idol drama Tomorrow alongside Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue and Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng. As she had to gain 10 kg for the role, she was attacked for being a “pig who somehow gains the attention of two handsome men”.

As she was still very young then, Rainie confessed that she was unable to shake off those attacks. As a result, she decided to restrict her use of the internet altogether, to curb her curiosity.

“I remember that I did not look at these comments again until I was in my early 20s, when I felt that I was mentally prepared,” the she recalled.


“However, even when I felt that I was adequately prepared, when I looked at them again, I realised that I was actually not ready at all,” Rainie continued, adding that she feels as if she will never get used to receiving such cruel remarks.

“No one can possibly get used to getting scolded and misunderstood. I’ve seen so many people who could not take it. Just seeing it happen is painful in itself, regardless of whether you know them personally or not. I feel their pain, to the extent that I would want to cry too. Personally, I’m still learning how to look past all these hateful comments,” Rainie admitted, making reference to the recent passing of Korean celebrities Goo Hara and Sulli.

With a wry laugh, Rainie then shared that the netizens of the past used to make personal attacks and come up with unfounded rumours. However, they have since “evolved” and are making more logical arguments that are even more hurtful.


Photos: PBE Media, Rainie Yang/Instagram

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