Rainie Yang has no plans to get married yet

The singer has been in a relationship with Chinese singer Li Ronghao for over two years

rainie yang

Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang recently kicked off her ‘Youth Lies Within’ tour and held her third concert at the Taipei Arena yesterday.

She touched the hearts of many when she expressed her appreciation to her Chinese boyfriend, Li Ronghao, who specially flew to Taiwan to support her.

“I am very grateful that he would take time off to watch me perform. I know he has a very busy schedule - he has to catch the earliest flight after this – so I am very happy that he made an effort to be here,” the singer said. 

However, Rainie revealed that the couple have no plans for marriage at the moment despite dating each other for over two years.

She said that they were currently focusing on doing well in their careers and added that she was also “a very determined person” who could not see herself suddenly getting married out of the blue.

Rainie was also fiercely protective of their relationship and hinted that Ronghao was “the one.” She expressed that “when you meet the special someone you will know, and for me, I know that I will never switch Ronghao for anyone else,” drawing cheers from the audience.

Rainie and Ronghao’s relationship was revealed in 2015, after Rainie accidentally uploaded an intimate selfie of herself with Ronghao on his Facebook page.

Photo: PBE Media

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