Rain Li dropped a bombshell yesterday (February 14) when she announced that she was married.

In March last year, the Hong Kong singer-actress shed tears when she revealed that she had broken up with her boyfriend of three years, Hong Kong actor Keith Ho. At that time, she couldn’t help but to break down during an interview when talking about her relationship with Keith. 

“I didn’t expect that even after a period of time, my heart would still hurt so much. Thus, I headed over to Los Angeles to work to shake off my broken heart. But whenever I think about my three-year-long relationship, I can’t help but to cry, I feel that it's such a pity,” she shared.

However, less than a year later, it seems that Rain managed to successfully get over her broken heart, typing the knot with a non-celebrity named Eric Huang.

The 35-year-old shared a couple of pictures of the couple’s wedding shoot along with her announcement, as well as a number of cartoon caricatures of themselves.

According to reports, the newly-wedded couple had decided to tie the knot after dating for six months, and registered their marriage on February 2. In a phone interview, Rain explained her reason for her flash marriage, saying, “I’m serious about each and every one of my relationships. The two of us have the same thinking, thus, things naturally happened faster.”

Click on for more photos from their wedding shoot!

Photos: PBE Media

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