Qin Lan accused of diva behaviour on set

The actress was allegedly filmed having a heated disagreement with a director


Chinese actress Qin Lan’s role as the beloved Empress Fucha in the hit period drama Story of Yanxi Palace allowed her to reach new heights in her career, after first breaking into the entertainment industry in 1999.

Since then, the 37-year-old has been kept busy with new projects. However, a recent video that surfaced recently shows the actress allegedly having a heated disagreement with a director. The video, which was said to be filmed on set at the studio for upcoming drama We Are All Alone, was widely circulated online.

In the clip, the director is seen gesturing angrily whilst holding on to a script, while Qin Lan, who’s facing the director, replies agitatedly. The director then flips through the script a number of times with furrowed brows, seemingly searching for something in the text, before walking off in anger.

Later, the production crew uploaded a picture of the actual director of the drama to debunk the rumours. They clarified that the video actually showed Qin Lan acting out a scene with one of her co-stars.

“Don't confuse a scene in which [Qin Lan’s character] has a disagreement with her on-screen manager with real life,” they added in their post.

Qin Lan’s work studio also issued a clarification, writing, “Our sister is very invested in her role, on a hot day [like this], it’s been hard on all the crew members present.”

Photos: PBE Media

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