Taiwanese actors Puff Kuo and Jasper Liu have been making waves online with their ongoing television series Before We Get Married, in which their characters start to fall for each other despite being engaged to different people.

In a recent episode, viewers were treated to a hot and heavy scene of the two of them making out in bed. However, before things could go any further, Puff’s character got a phone call from her boyfriend, interrupting the passionate moment.

“My friends who watch the show immediately sent me a text message complaining about how disappointed they were, and are demanding to know when I will sleep with Jasper!” Puff said with a laugh during a public appearance in Taipei last Saturday (Aug 3). “I believe 80 percent of women want me to end up with Jasper in the show, but I have friends who tell me, ‘Sleep with him first, then decide.’ (Laughs) But if you are already engaged to someone else, you should think before you act and take responsibility for your own decisions and future.”

Earlier this year, dating rumours emerged between Puff and her onscreen boyfriend in Before We Get Married, Taiwanese actor Steven Sun. The actress refrained from discussing her personal life at the event, saying that her plans for Chinese Valentine’s Day are to film, because work is her “lover”.

Photos: TPG, Facebook/Puff Kuo

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