Proof of Andy Zhang’s manager spending the night in hotel room revealed

Reports have revealed a video of the manager coming and going from his room


After reports first alleged that Chinese actor Andy Zhang is cheating on his wife, Hong Kong actress Catherine Hung, with his manager, Chinese media have come forward with a video of Andy’s manager, Bi Ying, spending the night in the actor’s hotel room.

The video, which was published on Wednesday (April 10), showed Andy, Bi Ying, and a female assistant returning to the hotel at 10pm. After putting down some items, the female assistant left the room, leaving Andy and Bi Ying alone. 

Soon after, Bi Ying returned to her own room, only to run hurriedly back to Andy’s 10 minutes later. Then, she stayed in his room for three hours, only emerging at 1am. However, what got the attention of netizens and the media alike was that Bi Ying had changed clothes within the three hours. Though she had entered his room wearing a pair of tight jeans, she left wearing loose pajama pants. 


A little later, the media outlet released a series of photos, showing Andy and the female assistant leaving the hotel to head to the filming site for work. Meanwhile, Bi Ying, who was dressed in a nightgown, stayed behind in Andy’s room.

Andy and the assistant returned from work later that night. After the assistant left, Bi Ying and Andy stayed on in the room for seven hours together, with Bi Ying only leaving in the wee hours of the morning.

To date, neither Andy nor Catherine has responded to the reports. When contacted for a comment, Andy replied through his work studio, “(Everything) is as per normal, (these are all) groundless accusations”. However, Catherine has since deleted all pictures of Andy on her Weibo, save for a number of group shots. A Weibo account suspected to belong to Bi Ying has also been unearthed, with a number of posts describing Catherine as “old and ugly”.


Photos: PBE Media

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