Priscelia Chan: Being unwell has taught me more than I’ve had to go through

The actress reveals the reason why she’s been quieter on social media

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If you’re wondering why Priscelia Chan has been lying low on social media recently, here’s the answer: the 38-year-old has been feeling a little unwell since November last year, when filming for Home Truly was about to wrap.

“If you look at my Instagram, I haven’t mentioned anything about it because I don’t want to give myself too much stress,” she shared in the midst of an imaging session for upcoming drama My Friends From Afar. “I know that a lot of people are very concerned about me, but they’ve respected me from afar and just texted me (to show their concern). My body is perfectly okay, but (what has happened) is just a reminder for me from above that I should be taking better care of myself and to slow down and take a breather.”

However, the actress stopped short at revealing more details on her condition, asking for both the media and the public's understanding on the matter. She also declined having the interview conducted on-camera.

Thanking everyone for their concern towards her well-being, Priscelia assured that she does not feel any pain and that she is optimistic that she is on the road to recovery. “I’ve tried all sorts of treatments and I’ve just started seeing a TCM practitioner about a week ago. I’ve been feeling better overall as I used to feel weak, but now I’m a lot more energetic,” she chirped.


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(L-R: Priscelia during the imaging session for My Friends From Afar, Priscelia with her husband Alan in a photo uploaded last October)

“I think the heavens was forcing me to take a break,” Priscelia chuckled. “My family and friends have been my greatest pillars of support throughout it all. Of course there are ups and downs, but I learned a lot in the past few months. What I’m going through is more of a mental, rather than physical torture, but there are so many more people out there who have to struggle with much more difficult conditions, some of which include physical pain.”

Admitting that she's lost quite a bit of weight since we last saw her, she added that it hasn't been because of her health. Instead, she attributes her weight loss (she didn't share how much exactly she's shed) to her gluten and dairy-free diet, which she started last January.

The biggest credit for providing her with all the support she could ever want is her loving husband, actor-turned-businessman Alan Tern. “He’s been very sweet and will say things to make me feel better, such as ‘Be patient, you can’t expect a sudden change, so be patient’,” Priscelia gushed. “I’m so thankful that I have him.”

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The biggest takeaway that she’s had throughout the past few months is this: “Don’t take your health for granted. You need to start looking after yourself from a young age, and I realised that I’m not the only one at my age who has had health issues cropping up. It’s not a sudden thing; rather, it’s an accumulation of what you’ve been doing to your body throughout the years and once your immunity drops, there will be some sort of trigger that will set everything off.”

Although she’s had to lessen her workload in the wake of her health problems, she let on that audiences can expect to see her make her return in a major role in upcoming Channel 8 drama Xin Qing (心·情). Despite all that she’s been through, Priscelia is thankful that “the symptoms are just a reminder that I need to take care (of myself) to go even further.”

My Friends From Afar debuts on December 6, 2017, 9pm on Channel 8.

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