Does this luxurious private jet belong to Jay Chou?

Unfortunately, the multi-hyphenate’s label later clarified that the private jet was merely a rental


Recent pictures of Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Jay Chou, as well as the leader of Taiwanese pop group Nan Quan Mama’s leader, Devon Song in what appears to be Jay’s private jet has been making the rounds online recently.

The pictures, which were posted online by Devon, showed Jay and Devon sipping on beverages in a airplane cabin. In the background, an opulent bar could be seen, as well as a large (by airplane standards) table in front of them.

Devon also wrote another post a few days later, in which he took on the persona of his young daughter, writing, “When I grow up, I want to be as awesome as [former Nan Quan Mama member] G-Power gege, and Jay gege, who fly in private jets in order to make it to their gigs in time.”


Previously, Jay had also shared pictures of himself in the same jet, though he did not reply to fans wondering if it was indeed the 39-year-old’s private jet.

This time round, however, Jay’s agency, JVR Music, issued an official statement to clarify the situation, writing that Jay “does not have a private jet”. 

According to the agency, as the multi-hyphenate’s schedule can get a little packed sometimes, in order to ensure that he arrives at his next destination on time, he occasionally rents a private jet in order to keep to his packed schedule.

It was also reported that it costs NT$2 million (approximately SGD$89 000) to rent a private jet for one trip.

Photos: PBE Media

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