Pictures from Rainie Yang, Li Ronghao’s yacht vacation

The long-time couple took their relationship to the next level during their holiday


Celebrity couple Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao took their relationship to the next level last week, with Ronghao successfully proposing to Rainie on his 34th birthday. The couple then took to their social media accounts to announce the good news, receiving an outpouring of well-wishes and blessings from their celebrity colleagues and fans.

Since then, Rainie has been updating her social media with snaps of herself enjoying her holiday, with pictures of her enjoying the sea breeze.

According to the singer, she had a four day, three night holiday with Ronghao and their good friend, Taiwanese actor King Chin in a chartered yacht last week, and has since returned home to Taiwan.


Rainie’s holiday snaps, which included pictures of her in a swimsuit, eventually caught the attention of Taiwanese host Dee Hsu as well, who left a comment on her post.

“Are you throwing caution to the wind now, because you’re going to get married soon? After all, you belong to him (Ronghao) now, right?” Dee wrote, drawing much laughter from netizens and fans alike. Many of them replied to Dee’s comment, asking the quick-witted host to invite Rainie and Ronghao over for an interview soon.


Photos: PBE Media

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