Photos of Cecilia Cheung while pregnant circulated online

The actress seems to have beefed up security while she was expecting her third child


Speculation about Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung’s third child, who was reportedly born in December, has not died down as questions about the little boy’s father, actual birth date and more continue to be a hot topic online.

‘Little Prince’, as the bundle of joy is nicknamed, was previously rumoured to be named Marcus after a photo of a birth certificate allegedly belonging to the infant was uploaded online. His birth date was stated as November 18 2018, but Cecilia nor her management has yet to confirm or deny the authenticity of the document.

More recently, Hong Kong news outlets uploaded photos of the actress while she was still pregnant. In the undated photos, Cecilia was seen wearing a cap and a black maxi dress and was said to have beefed up security by increasing the number of people in her entourage while she was expecting.

Many have speculated that she is likely to have been trying her best to keep her pregnancy under wraps, adding that apart from a slightly fuller figure, passers-by would unlikely be able to tell that she had a bun in the oven.

Her newborn’s whereabouts have been another question that has been constantly on netizens’ minds, as Cecilia has been spotted out and about with Lucas and Quintus in recent days. However, ‘Little Prince’ has not been seen in public at all, leading some to wonder if rumours of Cecilia sending her youngest son to be cared for by her mother are true.

Photos: PBE Media

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